2018 CLAAS of America, Inc. 3200 F PROFIL

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Ahead of its time, and your tractor.

These front-mounted DISCO mowers are the right choice for those seeking powerful, reliable performance. Thanks to their heavy duty design, these mowers are virtually unrivalled on the market.

The DISCO mower's linkage geometry delivers three-dimensional ground-contour-following capability, independent of tractor movement.

The mower is hitched on a pivot support, and therefore adapts perfectly to contours lateral to the direction of travel. Longitudinal adaptation is ensured by the pivot point close to the ground. Low ground tracking prevents mower elements from digging into the soil, and protects the grass cover. This also allows higher mowing speeds. It all adds up to a uniform mowing result.

  • MAX CUT mower bar for maximum chop quality
  • ACTIVE FLOAT optional hydropneumatic suspension
  • Without conditioner or with tine or roller conditioner, as preferred
  • Optional warning signs with lighting for safe transport
  • Folding protective covers: Folding protective covers reduce the road transport height to 9' 10" (3.0 m) or 11' 2" (3.4 m), and there is also a hydraulic protective cover folding option. This requires a double-acting spool valve.
  • Maintenance and cleaning: The protective covers fold upwards all the way around, allowing easy access to the mower bar and all maintenance points – ideal for knife changes, for example. As in all DISCO mowers, the mower has an integrated knife box of replacement blades. The drive shafts have a lubrication interval of 250 hours, which further reduces maintenance time and costs.
  • Freely pivoting mount for adaptation across the direction of travel.
  • Thanks to the low pivot point, the DISCO mower follows the ground contour, and not the tractor.
  • Compact suspension at the front linkage gives the mower generous ground clearance at headlands.
  • Model: 3200 F
  • Working width: 9 ft. 10 in. (3.0 m)
  • MAX CUT mower bar: Standard
  • ACTIVE FLOAT suspension: Optional
  • Roller conditioner: –
  • Tine conditioner: –
  • without conditioner: Standard



Working Width
9 ft. 10 in. (3.0 m)

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